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    • Сергеев Игорь
      May 3, 2022 16:20
      Хорошая бананка
      Хорошая бананка. Фастекс матерый. Выглядит надежно и качественно
    • Ганна
      May 1, 2022 12:21
      Найкращі консультанти тут!
      Отримала своє замовлення на наступний день. Через 30 хвилин від оформлення на сайті - посилка вже була " в дорозі". Очікувала якусь підставу, так як ціна на Marco Coverna тут найдешевша....
    • Глеб
      April 12, 2022 19:23
      Норм на свою цену
      Как бы много ожиданий от кожзама небыло. На свою цену годится. Упакова хорошо, доставка довольно быстро.
    • Александр
      April 8, 2022 21:02
      Искал сумку под старину. СМотрел китай на алишке. Но по сравнению с этой там торбы и рядом не валялись. Горд за наших ребят, что наладили процесс.
    • Игорь
      April 6, 2022 16:56
      Хорошее качество
      Искал сумка на 2 отсека, что бы мягкая и можно было носить через плечо удобно. Выбрал эту модельку. Ребята немного промахнулись с цветом молнии, но всё решили на ура! Доволен
    • Інна
      March 24, 2022 21:24
      Чудовий тревелкейс. Все як в описі. Питань нема. Дуже гарно запаковано в коробочку, різні картки, плюшки - приємно розгортати :)

    7bags online shopping bag

    Choosing a bag for a man or a woman in 2021

    It's hard to imagine our life without such a useful and versatile accessory as a bag. Both men and women have this attribute in their wardrobe. For many years she accompanies us not only in everyday life, but also at important events, business meetings, vacations, business trips, travel. Both women and men need to take the necessary things with them every day: phone, wallet, keys, diary, workout items, lunch to work, cosmetics or other little things. And where, if not in a bag, it is best to put it all. It also serves as a great accessory to complement the look. It makes it more interesting, emphasizing the style and originality of the owner.

    This accessory can serve as a kind of indicator by which it is easy to determine what emotions and moods a man or woman is experiencing today. Often we try to isolate ourselves from a person who is unpleasant to us, it is the bag that acts as a barrier in such a situation. This accessory often serves as a tool with which people relieve anxiety or tension: at such moments, many begin to actively search for something in their purse or shift the contents of objects from place to place in order to somehow calm down.

    Bags at 7bags - types, models and styles

    If you are going to purchase this accessory, do not forget that the model of the bag should not only be beautiful, but also practical. Therefore, pay attention to the model of the accessory, because it is different for each case. Now it is difficult to get by with just one model or one backpack: for work, the classic strict model of a portfolio will be more convenient, for walks or rest, give preference to light versions of small clutches, for shopping, large and roomy bags made of fabric will be ideal, for a picnic or travel it is better to choose backpacks. elegant small handbags will look luxurious for evening outings.

    Fashion Bags

    • The shopper is the most versatile and practical option for everyday outings;
    • The backpack is a great accessory for both women and men or children;
    • The clutch is a beautiful miniature attribute that completes a girl's evening look.

    Accessory size

    Choose the size of the model according to your height and fit. When choosing the shape of the product, consider the type of your figure. This will help you choose the perfect option that will definitely emphasize only your merits! If you order an accessory in the online store of Ukraine, always read the description or characteristics to find the right model!

    Buy a leather or leatherette bag?

    Leather goods have always been considered and are considered a stylish and fashionable option. This material is very soft, elastic, resistant to wind, rain or snow. Leather items make the image more expensive, luxurious and presentable.

    Leatherette also has a number of advantages. This material is as close as possible to natural leather, thanks to modern technologies. It is practical, it is easy to dye it, it is quite attractive, and the prices for such products are much lower than for products made of genuine leather. Leatherette perfectly tolerates both high and low temperatures.

    Thanks to the Internet, today it is not difficult to choose a product of absolutely different prices through an online store, being in Ukraine or abroad. When making a purchase online, and not in a store, you should carefully read the description, as well as the characteristics in order to purchase exactly what you want, since it is difficult to visually distinguish leather from leatherette.

    How to purchase a branded bag inexpensively from an online store

    You can order a bag on the Internet on our website by looking through the catalog of the online store and choosing the model you like. We will deliver your order to any corner of the country. You can also order an accessory in our company store in the city of Kiev. The price for any model of a bag in our online store does not differ from the price in our company store in Kiev! The "Seven Bags" online store offers a huge selection of branded bags for women and men from the world's best brands:

    • John McDee;
    • Tuscany;
    • Jizuz;
    • Vatto;
    • Katana;
    • Issa Hara;
    • Linora;
    • Babak;
    • Level;
    • Y-Master;
    • Bolla Bags;
    • Solier;
    • Firenze; ​​
    • Bexhill;
    • Tiding;
    • Avitoo;
    • Betterson.

    They are made in England, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Spain, Italy, Korea, Poland, France. A wide range of assortment allows you to choose an accessory of the required size, shape, design and color, from different types of leather: calf, sheep, cowhide, horse, beef, fabric, leatherette, nylon, eco-leather, textiles.


    It is very simple and easy to buy a bag in our online store or a store in Kiev, since you can pay for the purchase in absolutely any way: cash upon receipt of an order from a courier, cash on delivery at the post office, cashless payment immediately on the website from your bank card Visa, Maestro through the LiqPay system, as well as through any bank terminal or at the cash desk of any bank.


    Delivery territory - Ukraine, CIS and other countries of the world! Across Ukraine, goods are sent by New Mail. If you are in Kiev, courier delivery is possible, as well as urgent delivery. To learn more about the rules for placing an order in other countries, go to the "Delivery" section.

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